A Pisgah Mountain Biking Mission


The Bike Farm's Pisgah Mountain Biking Mission and the tools of our trade.

I am not really the type to post photos of my new gear on social media, it walks a line of braggadocio, and frankly I believe it sends the wrong message to young riders. I guess I could be considered a soul rider, a 21st century hippie on a carbon horse. For me it is not the bike that matters, it is what the bike is a conduit for. Herein lies the mission of The Bike Farm; To foster a connection to one self and the natural world via the bicycle for as many people from as many walks of life as humanly possible. This is in an effort to leave this world a little better than we found it. We pay the bills hosting new friends (and some strangers) at our Pisgah mountain biking base camp, and taking folks on guided rides of Pisgah National Forest and DuPont State Recreation Forest. We check the marketing box by working with companies like Red Bull and Oskar Blues. But most importantly we fill our soul cup by introducing those who may not other wise have the opportunity, to mountain biking. As we look to the future our goal is to act as a catalyst to those who may really need a ride to heal deep wounds, or really need an opportunity to check out of the day to day hustle and tune into the natural world. This is our mission, this is why the bike farm base camp, guide and concierge services exist.


As we look to the 2016 season, we are excited to welcome new friends to our Pisgah mountain biking base camp, and show riders new to the area all the best Pisgah and DuPont have to offer. We are most excited to continue our work with the Transylvania County Schools Cycling Club as well as explore opportunities to work with NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association). We look forward to providing a natural retreat for our dear friends providing wilderness therapy offerings to their clients, and we are beyond excited at the prospect of getting to work with an incredible group of folks at Peace of Adventure.

Our bikes are delivery vehicles to peace of mind, light hearted child like laughter and play, that on occasion provide us with some much needed healing and/or grounding. Our bikes are also the tools of our trade and as such we are eternally grateful for those who provide support for our mission. Without them it would not be possible. We depend on our bikes to be ridden hard, put away wet, and rolled out of bed ready to rumble. We require reliability as well as peak performance, and our current bikes are the best we have ever ridden. So while it is not “about the bike” I must say that mine is as good as it gets and I am grateful.